Slide Show Bob

Current version: 1.0

Slide Show Bob is a folder oriented slide show program that takes a folder full of images or movies and displays them for you. It treats sub-folders as units of their own that can be skipped or returned to. Slide Show Bob shows you what is coming by displaying a list of thumbnail images of files in the current folder and a list of upcoming folders.

Since you want to know what is going on on your machine when the slide show is running, Slide Show Bob displays a number of different status items, including the file and folder number the current image is, the image's complete path, the current date and time and the song currently playing in iTunes.

Folder Oriented
You tell Slide Show Bob where a hierarchy of files are. Then it creates a list of folders for you to go through one at a time, or jump over by folder.

Image Preview
A key stroke brings up a list of the up coming images as thumb nails along the bottom of the screen. Screenshot

Folder Preview
A key stroke brings up a list of the up coming folders along the right side of the screen. This list tell you the name of the folder, the number of images in it and has a mini-preview of the first image. Screenshot

More Than Images
Displays not only all QuickTime compatiable images, but movies to. The slide show will play whole movie before moving on to the next image or movie.

Display Your Way
You can view your images in a window or fullscreen. Switching is a key stroke away. Screenshot

Automatic Updating
Slide Show Bob will automatically check for updates when it is launched. Concerned about privacy? You can turn off the auto updating.
Trash It
Don't like the image that is being displayed? How about all the images in the current folder? Two keystrokes will move them to the trash.

File It
Really like the current image? A quick press of a number key will move it to a folder you predefine. Hold the option key down and the whole folder goes to your folder. Define up to 10 folders for filing. Screenshot

Lots of Info
You can optionally display all of the following on top of the slide show:
  • current postition in the slide show.
  • path and size of current image.
  • current date and time
  • the currently playing song in iTunes.
And all of these things are preferences. If you don't want them you can hide them. Screenshot

Save a Slide Show
Slide shows can be saved as files, allowing you to come back to the same folder and have Slide Show Bob display all the images again. (Look for the Slide Show Bob screensaver in the near future).
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