Current version: 1.0

ColorTagGen is a simple application that generates HTML/CSS tags from a color. ColorTagGen lets you use the MacOS color picker to pick a color. It displays the Red/Green/Blue (RGB) values and the HTML/CSS to be inserted into your web page. It allows you to pick from the 4 possible ways of specifying the color in the CSS Spec.

Copyright 2004-2011, R.A.D. Productions & Ron Davis
Suck It Down!

Current version: 1.8

Content is king on the Internet and Suck It Down helps you get it faster. It will download any type of data linked off a page. By specifying extensions you can easily download images, movies, mp3s, pdfs and more. Suck It Down also provides preview for downloaded images and QuickTime compatible files, like movies and mp3s.

Slide Show Bob

Current version: 1.0

Slide Show Bob is a folder oriented slide show program that takes a folder full of images or movies and displays them for you. It treats sub-folders as units of their own that can be skipped or returned to. Slide Show Bob shows you what is coming by displaying a list of thumbnail images of files in the current folder and a list of upcoming folders.

Since you want to know what is going on on your machine when the slide show is running, Slide Show Bob displays a number of different status items, including the file and folder number the current image is, the image's complete path, the current date and time and the song currently playing in iTunes.